Sunday, September 6, 2009

dominate, control, conquest..

hav u ever tot that this world somehow is controlled by someone?
what i mean by someone is a human being, an organization or a government..
i've pinned down all the important things that have effect in this world...

hav u ever think a world without paper?
it will be the end of the day rite?
coz i can guarantee u, even in this so called digital era, we still rely 100% on paper..
what if i said the mafia from US that originated from SICILY control paper production, would u believe me?
and who is control those mafia?

but, why we must to foreseen that far?
let us take a look at ourselves..
how old are u now?
i am 22, and i had a car...
i have to pay it every month, because of the contractual commitment,
i have to squeeze out my bank account every month juz to pay the car..
see...i've been i cant buy house unless i got my increment..

hav u ever tot about malaysia's government backup strategy?
haha...not to be selfish..but o know some...

huuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~ there's so much things that i want to write down, but i'm afraid i will detained under Internal Security gimme sometime, i will try to find a correct words on how to express them....


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  1. well. that's life dear. no matter who got the hands on what as long as you got your hand on yourself, enough said. no matter what, I'll be always by your side. thru thick and thin.